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A trip below ground

A trip to London is always an exciting opportunity for a photographer and we’ve all seen many views of Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace and London busses.

I decided to look for something a little different, a little more mundane and everyday life. This is quite difficult to do in a city like London which is so dynamic, so “high speed”.

London Underground - Green Park 09-48am SmallWaiting for inspiration while willing my underground train to emerge from the tunnel I suddenly realised that I was in the most peaceful area I’d been in all morning. Those minutes just after a train has left the station and its passengers have exited the platform are pure peace….if short lived.

Taking a shot down here is difficult. Low levels of mixed temperature artificial light make white balance difficult, low levels mean a grainy, noisy ISO  setting and a correspondingly low shutter speed.

F5.6 at 1/60th doesn’t seem too bad but to get this speed I needed to go up to ISO 3200!

A nice little exercise in finding interesting photos which tell a story without following the norm.


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