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Sunderland Air Show


I never really know what’s in store for me when I go to a photo shoot. Yes, I do my home work and find out what’s on the running order, I look at the weather forecast, I choose my lenses carefully to fit the occasion and I try to work out where sun is likely to be.

Of course when you get to the location you usually have very little knowledge of the local geography. Where are the good viewing areas?, where are people likely to be crowding you out?, where will you be left alone? where is the display centre line going to be?

Lots of Questions.

Now, I find photography of aircraft in the air a challenging subject. To get the light on the aircraft right you end up burning in the sky, to get the sky right you end up with a flying silhouette.

My preference is to look at the surrounding effects. Where the smoke is lying in relation to the aircraft, what the clouds look like behind the subject and how multiple display subjects interact with each other.

IMG_2043The day started out really quite nice and bright but slowly darkened as the time reached lunch. earlier shots allowed a fast shutter speed to catch the action and freeze the subject well. Most of my shots were taken around the F7-11 area to keep the lens in it’s optimum area. I fixed the film speed to 100ASA

I used a 55-250 cannon zoom for most of the shots. I’ve tried using longer focal length lenses before such as 400 & 600mm but usually find that I miss a lot of the action by being too zooned in. Using a 100ASA setting means that I am able to post edit the photos to crop without inducing excessive noise. Often using the 250mIMG_1992m rather than a longer one allows some great surprises such as allowing the smoke trail to lead to the subject, something which may be lost on a longer lens.

Overall a very happy day with some very useable shots.



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