Its always worth keeping your camera handy. I was recently sitting in a new café “The Old Fire Station” in Carlisle with my friend Andy McKay. Paddy at the Old Fire StationHe was accompanied by his little friend “Paddy”, a cocker spaniel and the half Sister of my own Cockerpoo (same Mum).

The opportunity was just too much to ignore and so grabbing my Canon EX430-II flash gun and attaching the ST-E2 Wireless unit to the camera I started taking snaps.

Now when doing a proper photo shoot of an animal I spend quite a lot of time setting the shot and the lighting up. But this was a totally ad-hoc spur of the moment opportunity. Even then I knew that I didn’t want to have a harsh, front on lighting and so I made use of the remote sender by holding the flash up and to the left of Paddy. It really created some lovely highlights on her black coat and a nice twinkle in her eye.

Paddy 1 SmallIt just goes to show that a photo opportunity can come at any time and in any place. Paddy, as usual, was revelling in the attention and within minutes had a crown of admirers wanting to stroke her.

I’m a believer in the old acronym of RIRO or Rubbish In Rubbish Out and so trying to get the shot right in the camera and a small amount of post production work is always preferred to a poor shot and a lot of post production.

On both of these shots there was very little to do apart from a little white balance correction due to the ambient lighting in the café and a bit of level adjustment in a few places.

Overall a really enjoyable way to have fun and a coffee at the same time.


2 comments on “Paddy

  1. Thanks Brian. I’m sure Paddy is very impressed by your pics but she is less impressed at being referred to as ‘Brother’! Best of luck with your venture. Andy


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