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It’s been a busy old time

It’s been a busy old time at Brian James Photography up here in the beautiful Lake District of England.I’ve spent a lot of time getting the pet photography site up and running with its new look, new logo and new name.

Paw Prints is now live and I’m loving the logic hearted and fun feel to be he whole thing. From the double meaning of the title to the puns you can build into the marketing (after all, we are specialising in “Pawtraiture”……paws for thought for a minute).

Photography should be fun, or at least this sort of photography should be. When someone brings a project to me they are wanting and enjoyable experience where their pet is able to look it’s best and feel it’s best and by making the experience fun for all I deliver the best shots. Hopefully bringing a smile to the face for many years to come.

I’ve recently been to a few local networking events and had the opportunity of meeting some other local photographers. This has been an inspirational experience. One would think that the defences would come up between rival photographers but this just is not the case.

There is a genuine interest in each other’s work and a supportive nature between them. I think that this is because photography is an art. No two people see the scene in front of them the same and no two people produce identical photographs of the same scene. And there is such a diversity of styles and subjects that overlaps are rare.

I have found other photographers in the area who will happily do pet photography but it is a side line not their speciality. In the same way I CAN shoot weddings (I’ve been told I do it very well too) but it does not interest me so I choose not to. That means I’m not competing at all with those who do.

Two of the photographers I met recently Ben Priest and Linda Bussey are cases in point. Linda’s work I had seen before but Ben was new to me. Both appear to be excellent photographers and I would urge you to check their web sites out at http://www.benpriestphotography.com and http://www.pixlb.co.uk respectively Many thanks to both for their time chatting last week.

I’ve also been putting a lot of time into using Adobe Lightroom. The current CC or Creative Cloud version is superb at improving the workflow with many things which used to need to be handled by Photoshop now being right at your fingertips in Lightroom. The trouble is that each time I open the software it seems I’m back on a learning task rather than a doing task. Ho-Hum

So yes, it’s been a busy old time.



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