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Street Photography……With a Difference

I’ve had so much fun recently in a new way to build up stock shots of pets for my site Paw Prints Pet Photography.

I have gone out into the town or to the park armed with my camera and a pocket full of doggy treats and literally gone up to people who are out walking their dogs, introduced myself, told them what I an doing and then asked if I can photograph their pet.

The result has been astounding. People are only too happy to have their pet photographed and even happier when I tell them that I will send them copyright waivered results through e-mail.

This has produced some great results and some really happy owners when I’ve posted some super shots through to them a day or so later. So happy in fact that several have requested full price sessions with their pets.

I mentioned this to a Police Officer friend of mine who congratulated me on a great marketing technique but pointed out that maybe this works well for pet photographers but would be best avoided for those photographing children as turning up armed with a camera and a bag of sweeties could end up in a swift visit to the local nick lol.

The variety of animals which you find out and about is fascinating and some beautiful pets are to be seen. Often those with the worst reputations are the nicest.

I have recently taken photos in the street of two of the most beautiful and gentle Staffordshire Bull Terriers you could ever meet, Phoenix, and Poppy, both 6 month old pups from different owners, along with a third rather older Staffie called Clyde who is often seen playing with a ball on the field with my own dog Alfie.

These dogs are pure muscle and appear rather daunting yet it is difficult to find a nicer dog than these three. It just goes to show that dogs, unless there is a genuine medical reason, are only dangerous if they are bred to be or raised/trained to be.

I’m constantly impressed at how many dogs I have been into contact with compared to how many have tried genuinely biting me. Up to now….only one…..and it missed.

Over 90% of the photos I take of animals are of dogs, the British just love their dogs. But I also take portraits (or PAWtraits) of any other pets or treasured can animals from a mouse to a prize bull. Now that set me thinking, my technique of approaching people in the street to photograph their dog is one thing, but you don’t see many prize bulls walking along Botchergate ( maybe a couple of heffers on a Saturday night lol).

And on that note……see you next time.


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