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Gone to the Dogs

What a great day its been today. A chance to get out of the studio and into the street armed with a camera a lens and a pocket full of dog treats.

BJP-3635I decided that I was going out to meet my customers and photograph dogs out in the street, just for the fun of it.

First of all was a lovely old dog, Jake, who just looked up and let me take as many shots as I wanted. I just love dogs like this, so pleasant to be around and so docile.

Next was a collection of four beautiful Italian Greyhounds. Photographing them was a challenge as they were so active and alert, which BJP-3648of course is just what you would expect greyhounds to be.

Their owner was trying to eat a baguette but to little effect as the dogs were more than interested in having their share.

They really attracted the crowds around them and were all in pristine condition, beautifully looked after.

BJP-3666Next up was a beauty, Phoenix, a Staffordshire Terrier pup who was just a joy to be around, totally playful and so very friendly.

Its hard to believe that people find these little beauties vicious. Phoenix was wonderful and it just goes to prove that a dog is usually only bad if an owner brings it up to be so.

After that was little Boss, a Patterdale/Jack Russell cross pup. Aain another lovely little dog

I decided to leave the city centre and wander off to Bitts Park to see who else had their dogs out.



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