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The Long Good Friday (hey, there could be a film in this)

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Second on my Good Friday visits was to All Saints church in the little village of Calthwaite. Just a short journey down the road from Hesket and under the M6 motorway, we go by the main West Coast rail line and across the river.

I have played and sung (I’m a singer in another life) at the fabulous little public house, The Globe Inn, many times in the past and it was great seeing it again after all these years.

The village is lovely with a beautiful approach over the little stone bridge. The river is clean and green although as yet there is non of the foliage which will appear on the overhanging trees in a couple of months time adding a certain splendour to the scene.

Again the little Olympus OM-D E-M5 was proving a joy to use as it is just so small and light.

I did try to venture down closer to the river however, the ground was just too sodden to allow access.

Moving into the village I came upon All Saints and what a joy to see.

Not an old church by any means but what a beautifully kept building.

The first thing which hit me were the wonderful trees in the grounds cut, you could be forgiven for believing, by manicure scissors.

The little memorial cross  was gleaming and perfectly set off by the red poppy wreath carefully placed upon it. A fitting honour to those fallen in battle from the area.

It seemed that from almost every angle the little church just ‘looked right’. The only problem being the car park which is under reconstruction and so was just a sea of colourful bricks.  These things have to happen to progress but even then, it was neat and clean and tidy.

The church stands right on the edge of a school sports field and so access all around the building was easy.

Leaving the village I say on the opposite side of the road from the river a tree stump. Much smaller than the one featured in previous posts at Lannercost. This one was hollowed out in the top.

I don’t know why I find these remnants of a time gone by so fascinating. They always seem to have deep features as the roots snake into the ground.

Could it be the thought that this relatively small piece of wood is just the top of an enormous underground complex of roots? Or is it the fact that at one time a mighty tree, resplendent in lush green leaves stood guard over the road way?

You tell me. One thing I do know is that I find them great subjects for a photo.

The little Olympus again impressed me. Post production of the 16 mega pixel raw files was not more difficult than those of my bigger canon cameras files.

It was a little more difficult using the standard kit lens to extract what I would have liked in the way of dynamic range. The sky, being overcast, proved difficult to render detail from without extreme adjustment, but really didn’t upset the aesthetics of the shot too much at all.

It is always remembering that the camera is merely a producer of data files. The shot and the story come from the person.

Again, please feel free to leave comment and I’ll look forward to part 3 of the Good Friday blog soon.

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