Artist, Actor, Musician & Casting shots

Headshots are perhaps the most important selling point for those in the arts and media. The headshot can be the make or break to getting a role or enticing an audience.


From Actors to Artists, from Musicians to Authors and comedians the publicity shot is what singles you out from your competition. Whether it be on a poster in a club or a compendium of jobbing thespians a great shot makes the difference.


Our portrait and headshot sessions start without a camera in sight. I talk and find out what makes you tick. I discover what you want to portray. I find out where the shot is going to be seen and by who. We discuss the image you want to portray and the style you want to be seen in.


Our packages are designed to be both enjoyable and affordable while giving you the photos you need to send on to agents, casting offices or to put on a poster or the flysheet of your new book.


We can shoot in the studio (usually your own home or office), or at a location of your choice or from a selection of our suggestions.


During the shoot our aim is to make you at ease so that you can always look your best.  On average a shoot lasts between one and two hours and can include costume changes an background or location changes.

After the shoot you will be able to see the edited shots to get an idea of what we have shot. However, the real work starts in producing the magic in post production where a good shot becomes a great shot.


This post production can often take considerably more time than the original shoot. But this work is what makes the viewer linger just a little longer, to commit your image into their mind and make you stand out.

Little skin blemishes, gone, skin softening for the ladies, done, a sparkle in the eyes, sorted. And even better, this is all included in the price.


Speaking about price, our packages represent great value for money. For less than the price of a gig our basic pack gives you a whole hours shooting, four images from the shoot of your choice in high resolution digital format with full copyright release to allow you to use them as you wish*. Our packages start from only £150.00, not bad for something which can help you earn and keep on earning by letting people know you are out there.


We give you the ability to choose more photos from the shoot for an additional ‘per image’ fee or to order traditional prints.


Want them in monochrome, no problem or with a vintage sepia tint, again we can do that for you. Resized? again, easy for use to do in post processing.







*Some terms and conditions apply regarding commercial sales of images




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