Little Churches

Little Churches

It never ceases to amaze me as I travel around this little island they call Britain just how wonderfully diverse it really is. Geologically it’s one of the most varied pieces of land on the planet with many different types of rock formations formed over millions of years from volcanos, glaciers, sedentary processes and all […]

Gone to the Dogs

What a great day its been today. A chance to get out of the studio and into the street armed with a camera a lens and a pocket full of dog treats. I decided that I was going out to meet my customers and photograph dogs out in the street, just for the fun of […]

2000 Years of History

2000 Years of History

I really cannot believe that it is already four months since my last blog post. Where has all the time gone? Well, first of all I have been working hard with my business partner Mike to get the school photography business up and working. We are wanting to take the usual Brian James attitude to […]

Sun At Last

It’s been a long time since we saw the sun up here in Cumbria. Or at least that’s how it seems. After a (normal) late night last night I looked out of the window, far too late to make good use of the day, to see a rather large round fireball in the sky. Upon […]

Photo Recce in Blackpool

With another of my hats on (literally) I am the “Media Communications Officer” for the Cumbria & Lancashire wing of the Air Training Corps, part of the Royal Air Force Reserve where I hold the rank of Flight Lieutenant. Part of that role is to cover events in the Wing and liaise with various press […]

Street Photography……With a Difference

I’ve had so much fun recently in a new way to build up stock shots of pets for my site Paw Prints Pet Photography. I have gone out into the town or to the park armed with my camera and a pocket full of doggy treats and literally gone up to people who are out […]

It’s been a busy old time

It’s been a busy old time at Brian James Photography up here in the beautiful Lake District of England.I’ve spent a lot of time getting the pet photography site up and running with its new look, new logo and new name. Paw Prints is now live and I’m loving the logic hearted and fun feel […]