Photo and Video Training Courses

We’ve all been at that point where we have picked a camera up for the first time, squeezed the shutter release and…….

Photography is an art but a technical based art. You don’t need super expensive gear to take great shots but you do need to know how to best use the gear you have.

Brian 1d-1-smallFrom an iPhone ™ to a top of the range professional SLR camera we can help you get the best out of it.

Our courses are aimed at making the complex simple, the technical straightforward and the difficult fun.

We have three different streams of tuition: Still Photography, Video Photography and Post Production.

Getting great shots is a skill but its a skill which can be learned and mastered.

We use your own camera as the basis of the tuition so you finish the course ready to go and achieve.


Still PhotographyFlowers-Carlisle-City centre 1 small

We teach you what the controls on YOUR camera do, how to adjust your exposure, how light affects an image and how to control that light. We cover the terminology of photography such as aperture, depth of field, ‘f-stops’, time values, ISO and much more, making it easy to understand and to relate to your photography.

We have courses to cover composition, focal length, use of colour, framing, textures and more.

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought “how did they do that?” We look at other peoples work to see just what makes their shot great.

See our list of Still Photography courses below.

IMG_1992Video Photography

Like still photography we cover all of the bases of what makes a great shot, how to use lighting to your advantage and use of depth of field.

We also cover the key skills of videography such as scene transitions, audio synchronisation, use of movement etc.

Our advanced courses look at specialist subjects such as Chroma Key or “green screen” photography.

We give an introduction to video editing without breaking the bank

We let you in on the secrets of all those numbers and letters such as 720p, 1080p, HD, 30fps etc so you know what is going on. We make understanding the video file formats a breeze “why do I need MP4? is it the same as AVI?” or the difference between PAL & NTSC

What, you don’t understand all of the acronym’s? Well, that why we run these courses, to break down the barriers and make it easy to produce great results.


Post ProcessingIMG_2530-2

Today photography is as much about what happens AFTER you take your shot as it is at the time of pressing that shutter release.

Our courses on Photoshop, Lightroom, & Elements from Adobe or Vegas and Movie Studio from Sony give you everything you need to take a good shot and make it great.

Make portraits stand out, add a splash of colour to a dull scene, remove unwanted items in the shot resurrect a failed shot to make it useable again, find the detail in the shadows.


Course Structure

Our one day courses are great value and an incredible opportunity to pick the brains of our expert to give you all the information you will need to progress.

Lunch and refreshments are included in the course as are all the required materials. All you need is your camera and your enthusiasm.


Courses Available 

Still Photography

S1.1 Introduction to digital photography. Covers how digital cameras work, terminology, different types of camera, aperture, shutter speed, noise, ISO, memory. Lenses and focal lengths. Using you own camera and getting that first great shot. Printing your photo.

S1.2 Basic Composition – How to take better photographs. Looks at perspective, use of focal lengths, Depth of field and “F-Stops”, use of shutter speed to freeze time, rule of thirds, highlights and lowlights, exposure.

S1.3 Introduction to Flash Photography. How does your speed light work, interaction with ambient light, soft & hard lighting, through the lens metering (TTL), reflectors, softboxes, snoots. Off camera flash.

S2.1 Portrait & Studio Photography.

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