Course S1.1 Introduction to Digital Photography

imageOur basic 1 day course will introduce you to the world of digital photography.

This course is aimed at a level just above the user of a smartphone user (although smartphone users would still learn from this course). Auto users of compact cameras up to and including top of the range professional DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.

From the very basics of what a camera consists of through the differences between traditional and digital cameras. What a lens is and how focal lengths change your photograph, film speed, aperture and ISO, what they are and how they interact with each other to change the exposure.

What do all the knobs do on the top? How do I view my photos? What type of memory card do I have and what type should I buy? All of these and more are answered on this course.

We give you practical examples of photography, getting you taking pictures throughout the day. Understanding why some shots and others don’t.

You are also given free access to our online training videos associated with this course so that you can revisit the points raised at any time.

We even provide you with a light lunch and refreshments during the day so all you need to do is turn up with yourself, your camera and if you have one, your laptop and enter the exciting world of digital photography.


Courses are held in a friendly comfortable environment of up to 12 people (minimum numbers apply), so you won’t feel alone as you learn from our experienced instructors.

Price per person £39.00

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