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Let Us Pray (for some nice light)

Just under a year ago I found a great little subject to photograph, Cumbrian village churches. I even wrote a blog page on it Little Churches. The effect was interesting for me. There will be no money in it, there will be a lot of hard work and research for it, there will be those […]

Who Put The Lights Out?

Yes, I know it’s not two minutes since my last post but I thought I’d just drop another one in the bank while I’m in the mood. I was off to another Rotary event in Keswick and, for a change, the sun was shining. I really don’t know what the magic is about the hills […]

Little Churches

Little Churches

It never ceases to amaze me as I travel around this little island they call Britain just how wonderfully diverse it really is. Geologically it’s one of the most varied pieces of land on the planet with many different types of rock formations formed over millions of years from volcanos, glaciers, sedentary processes and all […]