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Welcome to the home of Brian James Photography.

I am a freelance photographer based in the North of Cumbria on the intersection of the beautiful Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall country.

My speciality is photographing people and corporate work.

I am also a travel photographer, moving around the United Kingdom looking for the interesting, the unusual and the astounding.

This site is my personal site and gives a small taster of what I do as a photographer.

I have a fascination for movement in my shots and for colour. I don’t always follow the rules, preferring to have something aesthetically pleasing rather than receiving a tick from a critic.

I photograph a great range of subjects in many different styles as the mood takes me.

When shooting for myself rather than a commission, I love looking at abstract shots of everyday things. New viewpoints of the normal and mundane. I love perspective, how the eye is drawn to a point through form and distance.

Please enjoy looking at the photos on this site. I am available for commission work IMG_2043as well as portrait and event photography including  aerial photography, birthdays, graduations, and parties. In fact almost anything you can think of.