Course S1.3 Introduction to Flash Photography

Our third beginner/intermediate course, How does your speed light work?

Speedlights or flashguns as they are more commonly referred in the UK are an integral yet misunderstood piece of camera equipment to most people

Nikon-SB-910-Speedlight-flashThis course covers everything you need to know to get great shots with your flash/speedlight including:

interaction with ambient light,

soft & hard lighting,

through the lens metering (TTL),




off camera flash,

wireless transitters.

We explore when to use a speedlight and how it can be used to supplement existing ambient light. We look at the use of multiple flash units and ways in which flash can be used to freeze action.



D3S_0330-0600The course is aimed at entry level and amateur photographers, although a good understanding of the controls of your camera would be expected (see course S1.1 Introduction to Digital Photography course).

All materials for the one day course are provided including lunch and light refreshments. All you need to do is bring your camera, speedlight and laptop to make the most of the day.

Courses are held in a friendly comfortable environment of up to 12 people (minimum numbers apply), so you won’t feel alone as you learn from our experienced instructors.

Price per person £39.00


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